Remembering Passwords and Sweet Sorrow

Remembering Passwords

So life used to be so simple. I admit it was less logically organized and certainly less efficient but indeed some short years ago life was more simple. Now I have to have a different password (due to varying required password formats) for most of the web sites I surf and applications I use at my 9-5. Now I can’t go to a grocery store without getting gouged on the price of something unless I am a preferred card holding member. Oh yeah, you will get most of the stores that ignore the reason they are doing the card system and swipe a card for you as a courtesy, but a few of them will practically bat your hand away when you go to unknowingly swipe the discount card of a competitor.

Sweet Sorrow
It has been three years, three months, thirteen days and 5 minutes (Donnie Darko reference) that I have been in my current home of Carolina Beach, North Carolina. I am ready to move on to new places, meet new people and welcome new opportunity. However, I have met as many amazing, caring, talented people in the that time then I had met in my whole life. I met actors, comedians, skippers, builders, sub shop owners, ice cream shop owners, rapists, heroin addicts, beach bums and more. Some awesome, some amazing in there own not-wise-to-imitate kinda ways. I noticed I have a tiny bundling sadness deep down for leaving this place. The Cape Fear Peninsula. Goodbye One Tree Hill lovers/haters. For the rest of the world, you can continue to not know what that show is (unless you are 14 or ALSO a Big Brother fan).

Time left before I leave? Two days, two hours.

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