Reasons you should be on twitter as a comedian

Doug Benson communicates with his audience on twitter

I don’t know how many comedians I have run into that just don’t get twitter. They don’t see the point and they don’t want to spend the time updating yet another social media page.  Twitter is a valuable social media tool for comedians as well as bands and other entertainers.

In case you have been living in the woods without electricity you have probably noticed that all news networks have started a regular segment where they simply read tweets.  If you are anti-twitter, you proably think this is the dumbest shit ever. If you are privy to twitter you know that the reason they do is because people tweet out news faster then their stations/networks can write the copy and bring it to the air.

So what is the secret to twitter for comedians? 
First off, twitter is a great writing tool.  If you want to make people laugh, try doing it in 140 characters or less.  If your funny tweets get retweeted, you could find yourself with two or three new followers, maybe more.  If you keep doing this, these followers retweet your stuff and you now have new fans, not just new followers on twitter.
The secret to twitter is to provide valuable content other people want to add to their twitter feed by retweeting and to interact with others on twitter by replying to their tweets or mentioning their username in a tweet related to them.  This prompts a public conversation between you and that person that sometimes gets read by many folks you don’t even know.  This is a great way to build followers and just like I said before, after they follow you, if they like what you say, they will become a fan of yours. They will click on links to your podcasts and videos and other quality content you post.  

The most important thing to realize about twitter is that is it NOT a place to just go online and blast out messages all about yourself.  You need to express interest in others for them to express interest in you.

Another valuable aspect of twitter is the twitter search.  You can find info on other comics, bookers looking to fill spots on shows, venues looking to do comedy, writing gigs, comedy festivals and much more, just by doing regular twitter searches.  This is easily the most overlooked benefit of being on twitter.

So I challenge you, if you want to move your comedy forward and you want to grow a fanbase online, sign up for twitter and get your happy ass tweeting today!  

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Matt Ward is a comedian, comedy show producer and promoter, web designer, graphic designer, musician, father and occasional fisherman.

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