How I Used Kickstarter to Help Fund My Comedy Tour

The 2012 Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour was funded by fans, friends and peers

In August I put together the Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour and began to book dates.  After a serious look at the travel expenses I realized I was going to need some type of sponsorship or other funding in order to do better than break even on the tour.

I had worked with Kickstarter before but never had a project approved.  I knew my friends on the Pink Collar Comedy Tour had been funded through Kickstarter so I took a look at what they did to get their project approved and to secure funding.  In fact, MANY of the aspects of their tour I used as best practices.

Here are some things they were doing that I had not done.
1.)  Be specific about the costs associated with the trip.
2.) Create a video that explains what you explain in print in better detail to include with the project.
3.)  Offer rewards that don’t require a crazy amount of time and cost.

So there I was.  I began to put together the copy and included a lot of honest language about the purpose of the tour.  I got with my tourmates and recorded a brief video to help promote the project and then I submitted it.  Within about 48 hours the project was approved and I got it online.  One mistake I would warn against that I made was waiting too long to launch the project.  If you are going to use Kickstarter to fund something, make sure you have at least 60 days for the project to be up AND you have the 14 days it could possibly take to acquire the funds IF your project gets funded.  You also must register for a Amazon Merchant account because that is how they pay out.  Here is some info on how to do that. (Amazon Merchant Account)

The experience with Kickstarter itself was great.  Everything was easy to understand and not hard to complete.  The best advice I can give is LOOK at other projects being fund and learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting strangers to fund your project.  After that, make sure you spend PLENTY of time getting the word out on social media and other places online AS WELL as talking and texting friends and folks that might be interested in kicking in a few bucks.

-Matt Ward

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