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Catch me Sept 5-7th at the Improv in Atlanta
Catch me Sept 5-7th at the Improv in Atlanta

I am currently working on a tour for the winter through some of the same places I toured last November into December and some that I didn’t hit. That was the Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour with Grady Ray and J.C. Raliff.  Since then Grady has gone into semi-retirement from touring (Who would have guessed 4500 miles with me and J.C. in a car would do that to someone.  So this time around I am setting off by myself to do as many shows as I can do in a row before I can’t take it anymore!

Also, just got booked at the Improv in Atlanta, so you can catch me there on September 5th-7th co-featuring the show.  Pretty excited about that since it is my first legitimate A Club.  Those that know me know I don’t bother with clubs much, but his one I am very excited about.  Improv is one of the few chains my good friend Doug Stanhope performs, so I will take it!

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