Are You a Comedian That Books Comedy Shows?


Over the last two years or so I have been working to connect the well run shows comedians are producing in the Southeast U.S.   I have been working to introduce booker/comics to one another including putting them on the same shows together and referring them through facebook and twitter.  Now that we have a solid group of Southeastern Booker/Comics, I am expanding this effort to include great rooms all over the country.  I am doing this by creating a private facebook group that contains JUST comedians that book shows. We don’t include any bookers don’t ALSO get behind the mic and tell jokes.  We are creating the largest network of booking ‘agents’ in the country.

Why COMIC Booked Shows ONLY?

Comics care more about the experience that other comics have AND the niche that their comedy show appeals to.  You won’t find folks in these rooms papering large swaths of the general public and making the comics stay in a seedy Motel 6 after sharing the stage with a guy that used fake teeth during his set.  What is one thing ALL of our rooms have in common?  NONE of them ban comics for performing other shows as some sort of territorial marketing bullshit nonsense.  One day the agents and clubs will realize that they benefit more from working WITH the comics then working against them…

Are you a comic that books a show?

Get in touch with me and let me know WHERE you book the show, the frequency, and how long you have been doing it. Contact me on facebook to do this.

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