My addiction to @midnight #hashtagwars


I really don’t know who to blame for sure. Maybe I stumbled into it on my own. Like many things that are becoming popular I was once again late to the game anyway. In my Twitter feed I had seen over and over again posts that included a mention of @midnight and a tag the related to a joke. Friends that didn’t usually participate in such silly twitter games were taking part. What was most intriguing was that their responses were genuinely funny.

Now every evening as midnight approaches I pull up my Twitter app on my phone, find out what the designated hashtag is and begin tweeting out my contributions. Here are some of my more popular contributions from last night’s round.

Rear and Present Danger #Buttflix @midnight (6 favs)

Three Men and a Food Baby #buttflix @midnight (35 favs)

The Big LeBowelski #buttflix @midnight
(55 favs)

so if you’re a comedian join me in my addiction Sunday thru Thursday evenings.

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Matt Ward is a comedian, comedy show producer and promoter, web designer, graphic designer, musician, father and occasional fisherman.

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