Where are all the female comedians??

Hello, my name is Matt Ward.  I am a male comic.  I book shows, promote shows and run two comedy festivals.  So it is safe to say, I get to see a fair amount of comedians.  Since getting my start producing comedy shows over 6 years ago I couldn’t help but notice that their were significantly more male stand-ups out there than female.  This really didn’t occur to me until a female comedian accused me of being sexist by not booking enough female comedians. (GO TO ARTICLE) I went down my list of the shows I had booked at that time and noticed only 20% of the comics I had booked were female.  Then I tought for a while about this and came to the conclusion that I just didn’t have that many female comedians to choose from.  I booked the funny people who were available, not dudes or ladies specifically.  So I then began to think about it even more. Why weren’t there more females doing stand-up? There are plenty of female public speakers, singers and other similar occupations.  Why not so many in comedy? READ MORE>>

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Matt Ward is a comedian, comedy show producer and promoter, web designer, graphic designer, musician, father and occasional fisherman.

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