How I faked going to Bonnaroo on twitter…

I didn’t have the money or the funds to go to Bonnaroo this year, so my friend Victor Agreda Jr. and I decided to record an episode of our Sushidouche Podcast dedicated to discussing Bonnaroo. After recording and putting out the podcast I got the idea to go to Bonnaroo…….virtually. I had a family camping event I would be at not too far from Manchester just west of Franklin, Tennessee, so I definately have times to sneak away and tweet as if I were AT Bonnaroo myself.

First I talked aobut the traffic.
2014_June16th_Bonnaroo_TrafficThen I talked about being searched when I got to the gates.


Then I started posting pictures of people I ‘found’ passed out.


Now at this point people were replying to my posts.  Some were even trying to connect with me and meet at specific places at specifics times.  I even got a text message from my buddy Chad Riden that instructed me to come to the Cinema Tent at 2am to watch Friday the 13th.  He had seen my tweets and thought as did the rest that I was indeed at Bonnaroo.  How did I get these pictures to pretend I was there?  From other folks feeds and from old pictures achieved by googling ‘Passed Out Wookies” or searching Bonnaroo on Instagram.  Weird, yes, sociopathic, maybe, a lot of fun to do, oh hell yes.


Then I posted this one and things got a little weird with one of the folks that favorited it.


Wow Mike B, you see a picture of a passed out guy at a festival, you favorite it, then I read in your profile that you love to “sneak up and suck a guy off as he is sleeping.  I don’t think I meant to inspire this type of turbo-creepness….

Then I decided that my made up Bonnaroo camping neighbors would be Juggalos.


Then I went back to posting photos of supposed passed out hippies at Bonnaroo.  This one looked pretty ragged, so I tweeted accordingly.


Then I felt some remorse about ‘taking’ these photos of people and tweeted.


This guy popped up in someone’s feed so I stole the picture, cropped it and posted it. Mostly because I thought he was awesome and kinda looked like my friend Jake Sharon.


Then it was getting late in the day on Friday the 13th, a perfect time to call back to my made up Juggalo camping neighbors.



I awoke the next day to a notification from some reality show podcast twitter account that apparently picked up on my #bonnaroo tweets and chose to do some sort of matchmaking thing with another tweeting Bonnaroovian.


My tweeting trailed off as it got late as I was with the family and fixing a campfire for them and cooking dinner and such (not actually being at Bonnaroo and all.  So I picked it up the next day in the afternoon. Most of Saturday I spent with the family and didn’t do much more than favorite and RT others Bonnaroo posts.  This is actually pretty accurate tweet frequency considering how much trouble folks were having getting internet service on their phones from the festival site. I decide to steal a picture from the Tennessee Highway Patrol and post it as if it were mine because of how corny and obvious it was that it was not mine.


I then simply RT’d things the rest of the evening, which by the end of Saturday at Bonnaroo most mobile phones are dead as can be as you have but one place to charge them and that is in your car. So Sunday morning came and I called back the dildo bong that the security had failed to confiscate upon my ‘entry’ to the festival.  I portrayed my dong bong as having gone through some trauma the previous night.

I have to be honest, I have NO idea where I got this picture...
I have to be honest, I have NO idea where I got this picture…

Then I felt it was time to show a picture of myself at Bonnaroo to reinforce I was actually there.  This one was me after I got done mowing my grass back at my own house in Knoxville.


Then somehow, through the miracle of the twitter the guys at @theghermguys were able to find a couple kissing that vaguely resembled me at the other twitter user that they were trying to connect me to.

2014_June16th_Bonnaroo_gherms2The festival wrapped up with some tweets about Elton John’s set and then I was done.  I had fun, got about 40 new folks following me and more than anything enjoyed playing a twitter prank in my spare time, not as a primary focus or anything that required me to sit down and spend any time focusing on it besides making this blog post revealing the nature of the stunt.  That’s it, follow me on twitter and I am sure you will enjoy the randomness I post.  @mattwardcomedy


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Matt Ward is a comedian, comedy show producer and promoter, web designer, graphic designer, musician, father and occasional fisherman.

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