Quick Tip for Saving Gas $ for Touring Comics

Note: This is a quick blog with help on curbing fuel costs for traveling and touring comedians, for a blog about ‘How to book your own comedy tour, go here>)

Also, here is the link for the GasBuddy Trip Cost Calculator we discuss below:

Reducing Travel Costs for Road Comics

Establishing a realistic idea of your travel costs as a touring comic is far from an exact science.  We always assume our car will not break down, so I won’t address that aspect of the equation here.  Nor will I talk about oil changes or other preventative maintenance.  Let’s just talk fuel cost alone.  Today I discovered a tool many of you may already be using to help figure out how much money you are going to have to spend for gasoline for your comedy trip (tour).  GasBuddy has long been an app I have used on my phone to save2014_TouringTravelTip_GasBuddy_App every penny I can by finding the best price on gas wherever I go.  It, for the most part gives you gas prices at stops along your route or anywhere in the country you are looking to go.

I use the GasBuddy app to help find gas stations with the lowest price gas, but even more often I use it to find Sam’s Club Gas Stations as they almost always have the best price for me since I am a member.  In addition, I use store discount gas cards to.  Specifically for me, since I have some in my area I use the Kroger shoppers card at Kroger or some Shell Gas stations (some take Kroger cards in VA an TN).  A simple trick here is to ask around family and friends to find out who doesn’t redeem their fuel points and would be ok with you punching in their “alternate ID” which is usually their phone number so you can save BIG TIME on fuel on the road.  I found out multiple family members always shop at Kroger but NEVER get gas from them so when my card no longer has a  discount and I am around a Kroger I use their alt id (with their permission of course). To find out where Fuel Centers are located for Kroger, go here and select the “Fuel Center” option. I just found out there is a Kroger Fuel Center in Richmond, Virgina which is one of the stops on my two show run this weekend.  That alone may save me $15.

GasBuddy.com Trip Cost Calculator

This tool is the entire reason I wrote this blogpost.  Simply put in your departure location, your destination and the stops along the way, then your make and model of vehicle for it to source your MPG and it will calculate the total mileage along with best current gas price along the way.  It even tells you where it would suggest you stop to get gas that is cheapest but not off your route.  I did this for my trip this weekend and came up with a total fuel cost of $145 appx.  Since my trip starts tomorrow it won’t be that far off in all likelihood but I certainly will redo this right before I go to determine my budget for other things like drinks, food and misc (beers etc).  So go here to Calculate Your Trip Costs (http://www.gasbuddy.com/Trip_Calculator.aspx) and show your girlfriend or wife how responsible you are.  If you don’t have a spouse, tell your mom or just save the money and eventually you will get a girl or fella you can spend that dough on.  (Or just buy more weed or beers).  Here is a screen shot of the Trip Calculator I did earlier for my trip to Virginia this weekend.

Example Trip Fuel Cost Calculated by GasBuddy.com
Example Trip Fuel Cost Calculated by GasBuddy.com

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