WordPress, the Hackening: Open Letter to My Hacker

While it’s been a Merry time of year for the family, it has been a miserable one for someone that runs worpdress blogs such as myself.  Be warned right now, if you run a wordpress self-hosted site, you should update all of your plugins.  As of December 16th all of my self hosted wordpress sites were flagged as containing malicious code by Google. This began the nearly 8 day process of ridding hundreds of pages of a simple line of malicious code and a few added little treats.  The threat fell in line with what came to be known as the Soak Soak WordPress security Compromise.

(Nerds only) Basically, a hacker used a security hole in the RevSlider plugin which existed on a few of my wordpress sites to gain access to my cpanel with Hostgator. They then proceeded to add thousands of instances of one line of code that referenced a line of javascript that was malware.

Needless to say, I am thankful and grateful for Hostgator’s tech support taking the time to truly help me scrub the files from the server.  I say help me because I had to contact them about 19 times to get this resolved.  In the end, however, I hear from others that some hosting services left customers to deal with it on their own…. Ugh. I would have been shit out of luck….

The Restoration

After all was said and done I have this message for my hack attackers.

Dear Hackzillas,

Hey there, this is Matt Ward, the human being that posts things on this blog and several others.  Stop being a dick, you will find way more profitable servers to hack than mine.  I know you may be just using mine just to get to others, but could you please not?  I don’t think you are from North Korea, I don’t think you are from Russia, I think you are just bored and really smart, and that alone is worse than living in either of those countries.  I wish you the best, but please hack someone who is doing harm with their web sites.  Use your smarts to do good, not just waste hard-working peoples time.  Someone loves you, despite how you feel, go help people with your skills.  Thanks -Matt Ward


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