Time to start writing again

It’s been a long time since I have allowed the unfiltered thoughts make it to written form. So let’s start off with a bang shall we?

First, some background.

My name is Matt Ward. I go by Super Cat Matt when performing stand-up comedy, which I do part time. I also run a series of comedy shows called Comedy by the Beach. Comedy by the Beach does shows the SE North Carolina Coast.

I am 34 and engaged to be married. Still working a corporate job and working to make a life for myself and my wife to be. There, that’s more then most of my friends on facebook/myspace really know… Gotta love social networking sites.

I like headings, they help you understand where I am headed with the stuff I am going to put in your head. Heady eh?

Love them. They need to be used more often. I paid to $8 to see a movie in a movie theatre recently and now realize I would have paid probably $20 just to watch repeated footage of the Navy Seal snipers pick off the three pirates that held the Captain of the Maersk Alabama off the coast of Somalia. Once again, snipers need to be used more often. I am pretty sure that we have the most sophisticated guns in the world, time to flex some muscles and pick off the truly evil pelople in the world to make this a better place for the rest of us. Fuck militants. And by fuck militants I mean, for those that want to endanger or threaten people that have physically harmed no one, you will be skull fucked from a bullet shot from over a mile away, you pricks.

Did you people know that if you default on a credit card and it gets written off you can actually (although it smacks your credit) settle with the creditor for a fraction of what was owed. AND you don’t have to go through some douche bag “credit repair” business to get it done? However, did you also know, if you owed $7000 and you settled with the credit card provider to pay $3500 as a settlement you have to include the $3500 difference between what you owed and what you paid as TAXABLE INCOME!!?? That’s right, I knew this but chose to forget it since my brain works better when not oppressed by such knowledge. So what happened, six month later the tax man writes me a letter telling me I owe them $479 because of “Under reporting of income”. That wasn’t income, that was $3500 worth of fees that the evil ass credit card companies are legally allowed to pile on you in a short period of time when you originally only charged $1800 on the card…… Fuck Taxes.

Fair Tax
I don’t know if any fucking tax would be “fair”, but at least a simple single tax would make more sense…. Think about it this way, you get taxed over and over again on your money.

Let’s say you made $300 on a shitty paycheck. You immediately get state (unless you live in Tennessee) Federal, SS and such taken out right away. (tax occurance 1)
Let’s say that leaves you with $260
You take that $260 and buy something, let’s say guitar amp.
You then pay sales tax on the guitar amp (Tax 2)
(Now think about this, each component of that amp had to be taxed for being sold to the next person in line that was building the amp even applying a final tax to the distributor of the amp)
Then you decide to sell the amp a year later and get $250 out of it. You must report that shit on your taxes technically…. (tax incident 3)

Remember one thing, when taxes are applied they are passed on to the end user. Why do you think Hondas cost more then Chevy’s, because of import taxes applied when the parts are shipped here to be assemble in the United States. They used to import the entire cars by the Tariffs applied were much too great so they started just sending the parts and having american’s put them together.

You can look the Fair Tax up but it would be a single tax applied at the retail or end user part of the process, it would be higher then current sales tax but it would eliminate the entire supply side taxation that drives inflation.

Fuck Taxes, I actually considered moving to backasswards Tennesee because they have no state tax, and with what I currently make North Carolina takes Three Fucking Thousand Dollars of my hard earned money those dickholes, just so they can run out of fucking money due to wreckless spending prohibiting them from paying back the tax payers that are actually owed a refund (that shit is true, check it out) Are you wondering where your state tax refund is?

This is just the beginning folks, if you like what I have to say, good. If you are offended by it then I guess I will just make sure I put the offensive stuff earlier in the blog so that you will not use your precious time reading it.

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