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So the world is so fucking busy all the time that now people don’t even have time to sit down at their computer to post a blog.. Now people are using their phones to post full length blogs on web sites like this, Twitter, Facebook and the likes. The complaint is that people are starved for time. That is the biggest bullshit flat out lie excuse I have ever heard. If I one more person say “Dude, I have just been so busy with work and stuff”, I am going to go fucking postal. Because 99% of the time by being busy they mean watching American Idol and/or some other wortheless prime time programming such as Ugly Betty or worse yet Seinfeld or fucking Friends reruns…. These people really mean to say to you “Yeah man, I know I told you I would call you, but it was not important enough to remember, so I just made up a story about how fucking busy I am. The worst part is that argument coming from someone who is either ONLY in college or just working a full-time job but has no children. When I was in college I worked full time and ran a music promotion web site all the while playing in a punk band. I thought I was busy until I ended up in class with ladies that went to school full-time, worked full-time and raised three children by them fucking selves! I quickly learned I wasn’t “SOOOOO BUSY” and that I could never use that excuse. If someone tells you “Yeah, I am sorry, I just didn’t have time to get that done” What they are really trying to say to you is “Yeah, I am sorry, I just didn’t think what you needed me to do was as important as pretty much every other meaningless task that I could think of to do…” …………..Fucking people..

Rant over Announcement Time
Here is my big announcement. Comedy by the Beach, the comedy series and comedy show production company that I run is bringing Doug Stanhope to town. Doug is best known for being a fearless stand-up comedian that once hosted Comedy Central’s The Man Show. Doug also has been a regular on The Howard Stern show for years. My favorite accomplishment of Doug’s is that he beat Dane Cook at the San Francisco Comedy Festival Stand-Up Comedy Contest in 1995 to finish on top at the contest. That’s right, we are bringing a comedian to town that is TRULY better then Dane Cook. Love you Dane, but you can’t even afford you…
The show is Tuesday August 11th at Level 5 at City Stage located on the 5th floor of 21 N. Front Street in Downtown Wilmington, NC. The show starts at 9pm and the doors open at 8ish o’clock.
If you miss this show you hate comedy and comedy hates you…

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