Living on the beach

It’s sunday on the beach. I live three blocks from the ocean right in tsunami range. Most guys are drawn to the beach for the ladies laying out and working on their tan lines, so the first thing that would cross their mind when thinking of the beach would be bikini ladies. My first thought has now graduated to, “Would I surrive if a tsunami ran up on our beach and completey submerged my island?” I have thought quite a bit about this but finally found soulice in the fact that the rich fucks in Wrightsville Beach that own beach front houses, drive Hummers and scoff everytime someone mentions legalizing marijuana would have their houses whiped clean off the beach. Yeah, I know that is rather mean, but it is exactly why I would never own beach front property. Regardless every decade or so a storm is going to blow threw that fucks up your shit, the insurance companies know this and charge you accordingly. So when I think of the beach I think of a fun place where the sun shines and children discover oceanic wildlife for the first time, but mostly I think about tsunami’s swallowing up rich fucks houses and the huge D in the B that is to insurance companies. I will own in the mountains as long as they don’t try to charge me outrageous “landslide” insurance or some other gaylord shit. It’s Sunday, did I mention I have to fucking WORK today. Ok, I think now you get the motive behind today’s rant.

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