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So I am blogging about it.

I had drinks with a friend recently and we were sitting there on the back beach patio (ok, it is really just a back yard with sand in it and tables arranged) of The Fat Pelican in Carolina Beach. Some tourists came in and promptly declared aloud “This is the coolest bar on the planet”. My friend in says with his deepest NC Twang “Go Blog about it”. He had a biting sarcastic tone when he said it that made me laugh. Then I thought about it. Is blogging something only a certain type of people do? I guess so. I mean, the guy at the fresh fish shop is not going to pull the guts out of a Mahi Mahi and quickly rinse them off so he can post a web blog about the contents of the fishes stomach. Nor are they likely to have a myspace/facebook page or know exactly what the fuck twitter is.

That is one of the things I enjoy about the internet. Watching people here about new popular web sites for the first time. Also, it is awesome to listen to conversations between 60 year old southern women that just found myspace and now are talking about it to their friends.

That brings up a good point. In case you didn’t realize this, Myspace is getting older. Now when I say that, I mean the only people really using myspace anymore are older folks. They are the only ones still reading the messages, invites, forwards and such. Facebook is for the 20-30 somethings but used to be mostly college kids and teens. Twitter is the only newere site that is gobbling up both demographics simultaneously.

Fucking internets… The question is, will people not take real vacations or spend enough time outdoors because of the internets availability of entertainment? Or will they learn about new places they didn’t know anything about via the web and travel there to experience it for themselves? I think the latter.

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