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Let me first off say, that if you are funny and just happen to use no or little profanity in your set this is not directed at you. HOWEVER, if you market yourself as 100% CLEAN COMEDY and are proud of the fact that you don’t even say “damn” or “hell” in your sets then you are likely a sell out douche bag. Case in point, Dave Farrell. Every video you see of him it promotes him as 100% clean christian comedy. What does that translate to when you watch his material? No fucking originality whatsoever. He does a fast food drive through joke that is the staple to his set. He also has a joke about how southerners can’t spell, that is also been done over and over and over.

Ok, for you non-comics, let me explain an unwritten law of comedy related to comedian integrity. When you see a great cover band (i.e. a band that plays other peoples music primarily) these people aren’t ripping anyone off, they are simply paying homage to the artists they are covering. Not the same in comedy. When you are doing the same material almost exactly like another comic, you are an unoriginal Hack, period. (Google: Carlos Mencia steals jokes).

Some might say I am jealous of comedian Dave Farrell because he gets paid $3000 to do an hour of comedy in front of a church group or a room full of Verizon Wireless sales staff. Hardly. The jokes he is forced to do and the material he is forced to re-live over and over are so blan and boring that anyone with a conscience or soul would have shot themselves through the temple some time ago.

I actually got to meet Dave at one of his corporate events and his only advice to me “Write clean material”. Now that I look back and see that his set isn’t even his own material I have to give him the same advice back with an ammendum. Dave, “Write clean original material, you stupid copy cat fake douch…”

Yes, this probably will get me banned from the vanilla Larry Weaver Entertainment Mafia out of Raleigh, NC, but I could give a fuck. I have good friends that make hundreds if not thousands of dollars being true to who they are and writing cutting edge original shit, SOME of which barely swear or curse, but since they talk about real life things like sex and women, they are banned from the CLEAN CHRISTIAN comedy mafia scene.

I would rather make a living being myself then get rich being what every plain jane American Idol Loving, American Cheese loving douche of a patriotic countryman wants.

I want to do a set at Charlie Goodnights JUST SO I CAN SAY THE WORD CUNT AND GET BANNED. Fuck you too Brad Reeder. I hope you read this and send the word out to all your comedy contacts that they shouldn’t book me because you somehow give a shit what I think and say… Asshole.

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