How to hate Obama without being racist…..

So this article talks about how many believe Joe Wilson is racist because he called Barack Obama a liar when he was delivering his health care reform speech to congress.

Ok, let’s be honest. What is the purpose of racism? Well, it is to alienate someone else in an effort to make them feel uncomfortable or to make oneself feel superior. It’s the ultimate form of profiling in human character. With our busy lives we have less and less time to evaluate the character of those we come into contact with. Instead we develop filters that shorten conversations or cause us to avoid eye contact. We apply these filters to those that seem they will waste our time or put us in bad company. It has become easier to filter others out by skin color because skin tone can be seen from a distance. Our culture encourages stereotypes. We are so exposed to the stereotypes we begin to believe them. Then all it takes is one true example of the stereotype to allow justification to put that filter into place.

So Joe Wilson says “You are a liar” to Barack Obama. That’s right, a white man calls a black man a liar. Let’s put this in to REAL perspective and strip it of race and describe it as it really is. A politician acuses ANOTHER politician of being a liar. That’s beyond the pot calling the kettle black. That is the pot calling the kettle a nigga…..

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