Combination New Blog Post/Letter to my friend in….limbo Part 2

Furey and I headed to the beach house Micki and gang had rented directly after breakfast at Kate’s Pancake House in Carolina Beach. Our attention quickly became focused on The Weather Channel as we had a rehearsel and a dinner planned for later that evening. The skies remained somewhat clear and we all headed to the beach down at Fort Fisher. After a long day burning up our skin we headed to the beach house to get ready for the rehearsel. Just as we were leaving the beach the rain started in on us. It was heavy as I had seen it for some time and made it slow going to get back to the beach house. It let up for long enough to head down to the trees at Fort Fisher to go through the rehearsel. Bugs were everywhere and it was obvious that they would be problem on Saturday too if we indeed had the wedding at this site. As soon as we finished at the site the rains returned. It rained most of the evening making dinner at The Ocean Grill an indoor affair. Many of my friends and family coverged for this evening.
The next day it rained and rained and then rained some more. By 1pm we decided to call the wedding off at the original .ocation at Fort Fisher Historical Site. We switched girls and the ladies kicked into motion decorating the reception hall to host the entire wedding. They rocked it out.
To be continued…

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