Tour starts tonight at Red Door Tavern in Columbia

Excited to get on the road although especially because I get to visit two of my favorite places in South Carolina. First I will be at Red Door Tavern again for the first time since last November for a show with John Gibson and the gang.  You can see my entire last performance from Red Door on YouTube.  I am not normally one to let people film my shows and post them, but this one was so fun I am totally down with you folks seeing it. (embedded below as well)

2014_0822_CapriCapri Theatre: Saturday August 23rd 9pm $7

On Saturday I will be at Capri Theatre in Downtown Gaffney, South Carolina. There isn’t much of a reason to go to Gaffney according to most people, but Capri Theatre is certainly the biggest reason to.  Capri has been around since 1936 when it opened as a motion picture theater called the Cherokee Theater.  It became Capri in 1968.

Beau Hudson has always been amazing to me (as are his mom and dad who own the theatre).  These folks are my family and I can’t wait to return!  If you are in Greenville, Spartanburg or Charlotte, Capri is not that far of a drive for you.  Hit me up on twitter with mentions @mattwardcomedy


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