In Huntsville, Alabama tonight at The Page

2014_0825_RedDoorSo far my short run of shows that I am too elitist to call a ‘tour’ is going very well.  Friday night I had an amazingly receptive and good size crowd in Columbia, South Carolina at Red Door Tavern.  I am continuously impressed by how much better these comics keep getting each time I see them.  Topher Riddle was a pleasant surprise for me as I had not gotten the chance to see him before and he was all but squeaky clean even.  Also some great sets from Joe Coughlin, Wayne Cousins and Jenn Snyder.  My buddy John Gibson rocks as a host and is the most hospitable booker I work with currently.  Thanks a lot fella!

After sleeping in as long as I could in my hotel room I hung out for a little while in a park and read a great blog about a man that had been off the radar for years living in the woods.  You can read it here>> I highly suggest it.  Then John was courteous enough to let me stop by to use his wifi to get some work done.  Then it was off to Gaffney where they group of Columbia comics would be joining me at Capri Theatre.

Capri Theatre is located in the all-but-abandoned downtown Gaffney, South Carolina, about an hour and 45 minutes North of2014_0825_Hipsters Columbia in Upstate South Carolina.  Beau Hudson and his awesome lady Sarah Hock took me to dinner where Beau and I both made the mistake of ordering the Buffalo sampler.  Mistake?  Yes, they included buffalo baby back ribs.  What in the fuck??  They were exactly as bad as you would expect.  However, the rest was Buffalicious.  The show that night was very cool.  Had a nice little turn out and I got to wrangle some rowdy folks in the front helping them have a good time by involving them with the show.  I also got to read a few pages from the book about Hipster Dads.

2014_0825_FishingThe next day Beau took me to a private lake with our friend Josh.  I ended up being the only one that caught anything nearly reeling in my first striped bass until the sucker straightened the hook out and shook off a the last possible second.  It began to ran steadily so I switched to a buzz bait and caught a few small bass before we gave up and headed back.

House with Eyes in East Atlanta

Last night I was at House with Eyes in East Atlanta, thanks to Joe Pettis and Kristopher Bolz for setting this show up.  The house had a great little set up for comedy with van bench seats arranged in the living room.  I ended up passing out the blueberry moonshine I was gifted in Gaffney and the crowd got drunk as I told them about my fear of having my dick zipped up in a body bag and other cute stories.  After the show I made chicken fingers for the whole party.  I actually walked the whole party with chicken fingers.  By the time I was done making them, they had all been eaten and the 20 people that were there had dwindled down to 5 people.  Guess full bellies and moonshine make for sleepy comedy kidz.

I am currently sitting in a Panera Bread looking for a place to take a shower before my show in Huntsville, Alabama.  The road is sometimes fun but inconvenient.  See you tonight Huntsville!

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Matt Ward is a comedian, comedy show producer and promoter, web designer, graphic designer, musician, father and occasional fisherman.

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