Onion Article leads to threats from ISIS against men named Kevin McDouglas

It is pretty crazy how many articles I see on a regular basis posted on facebook by folks believing they are real when they are actually written by a satire news web site. I don’t mean Fox News, although they are approaching satire with some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths and gets to print in their media outlets.  In fact, I kinda feel like Fox News has taken ‘Troll Marketing’ to an all new level.

Recently The Onion posted an article referencing ISIS titled “Area Man Feels Even Lazier When He Thinks About How Much ISIS Has

ISIS has taken down a Starbucks in Baghdad
ISIS has taken down a Starbucks in Baghdad

Accomplished This Year“.  Reports across Reddit and twitter are claiming that ISIS leaders have not taken kindly to the affront of their cause and have put out public threats of execution if they happen to come across the subject of the Onion article Kevin McDouglas. Onion editors have responded to several of the Reddit threads stating that Kevin McDouglas was a made up name and denied that anyone would be “Dumb enough to believe that the articles they post are real news”.  Well, clearly the folks at The Onion have not read facebook lately.  My current favorite that is being believed as real is “15 Year Old Who ‘SWATTED’ Gamer Convicted Of Domestic Terrorism; 25 Years To Life In Federal Prison

Come on guys, don’t believe everything you read.  And if your name is Kevin McDouglas, I probably wouldn’t go to the Middle East right now. Or Europe.  Or anywhere really.  Shit.  But mostly, don’t believe everything you read, not even Snopes.com.

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