Coming to Nashville this Sunday September 7th!

2012_Dec2nd_Zanies3It has been a while since I have been to Nashville.  The first time I came to the Music City for anything was my ill-thought out auditioning for Last Comic Standing at Zanies in 2007.  I slept on the ground outside the venue all night long with some comedian buddies.  I did a shitty velociraptor impression joke in a shoulder to shoulder space under an EZ-up to a Production Assistant.

I didn’t return to Nashville to do stand-up again until March of 2011 with Joe Pettis on my Crackers of Comedy Tour.  On this date, I performed near Vanderbilt at The Corner Bar.  I ended up walking this drunk lady that was heckling pretty badly and she started a fight with the manager of the place because of my treatment of her AND the manager refusing to serve her another drink.

I returned a few times, all thanks to Chad Riden, including one of the highlights of my comedy career headlining Zanies (I say ‘headlining’ but really it was closing out a 6pm show on a Sunday that was our Nashville tour stop). Still a pretty cool thing.  Got to stay in the comedy condo any everything because the club is legitimately good to comedians.

Last time I came to town was at Mikey’s Comedy Show at SmackDab Media on October 13th of 2013.  So yeah, I am LONG overdue.  Come out and see me and we will talk about life and hug alot.



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Matt Ward is a comedian, comedy show producer and promoter, web designer, graphic designer, musician, father and occasional fisherman.

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