Laugh Local Becomes Mantra of Comedy Movement in Knoxville

We have all heard the mantras.  BUY LOCAL!!  LOCALLY SOURCED!!  SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!  But why does it matter.  Should one pay out the nose just to support businesses that are in your area?  What difference does it make if something is locally created or not?  In this blog I am going to propose answers to both of these questions and even go a step further. Why should you Laugh Local?

Is it worth spending more?

2014_1027_LaughLocalYes, in a nutshell, it is.  While you may be able to get a perfectly good tomato at Walmart from some other country or even just some other part of the united states, you should really consider buying that item from local vendor when at all possible.  Let’s look at a few reasons why.  First of all, you are supporting a company that exists in your community.  By doing this you are keeping people in business that are very likely to spend at least a portion of each dollar you give them on another locally owned and operated business.  This circulation of money staying within your community helps keep the local economy strong.  A strong local economy results in a higher quality of life in your community.  But what about that person that works at Walmart, they are making money locally, aren’t they?  Yes, sure they are.  However, most big box businesses are set up to absorb a majority percentage of the income their employees make out of sheer convenience.  This means a very much smaller portion of every dollar you spend on a Walmart Tomato goes back into the economy of your community.  Don’t just buy local to buy local, however.  Make sure you are supporting the businesses that have a quality offering that enhances your life in some way.  You don’t have to pay out the nose for this, if you simply look around at the local competition.

 But it’s a global economy, dummie,

Yes, it is a global economy.  In fact, I am typing on a Chinese made laptop and I drive a Korean made vehicle.  However, many of my everyday expenditures are dedicated to local businesses.  If I could buy a laptop or car that was made locally I would do so.  Buying local doesn’t mean refusing to buy other products and services just because they are imported.  It simply means looking for local options is a way of life for me.  When I travel on the road doing comedy or with family I always appreciate locally owned, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and coffee shops.

How does Comedy have anything to do with this?

The movement is happening in comedy scenes all over the country.  Local comedy show producers are moving up and becoming local comedy club owners and bookers.  This ‘local’ touch assures that they are truly in touch with the city they produce and promote comedy shows in unlike the out of town agents and club owners that have not lived in the city they now do business in.  If you are producing shows in the place where you live you are going to take much more ownership of the quality and also be able to contribute more directly to other businesses that can benefit from your knowledge, expertise and services.  People are already supporting the local coffee shop, pizza place, brewing company and pub, soon more and more will be supporting locally created comedic art and performance.  So when you are thinking about going out to catch some laughs, stop for a moment, do a quick google search and find the place where you can support a local small business owner that is putting on quality comedy shows.  Drink Local, Eat Local and Laugh Local!

Check out the locally produced Knoxville Comedy Festival The Scruffy City Comedy Festival coming up November 6th-8th, 2014 in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.



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Matt Ward is a comedian, comedy show producer and promoter, web designer, graphic designer, musician, father and occasional fisherman.

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