.@McDonalds new ad campaign on twitter is backfiring gloriously and #ImLovinIt

Recently I began to see McDonalds promoting tweets in my twitter feed. This just shortly after news was released in December from Bloomberg that sales at McDonalds are down 4.6% in the United States due to consumers becoming more health conscious.

What is happening as a result is simply amazing and absolutely hilarious.  People are replying and mentioning McDonalds letting them know just how they feel about the garbage food the fast food giant is continuing to attempt to push on consumers.  Check out some of my favs and feel free to get in on it yourself if you tweet.

In a nutshell, watching McDonalds defend the healthiness of their food on twitter is like listening to a racist person tell you how they have a lot of black friends so that makes the racist shit they always say not actually racist.  Congrat McDonalds, for sounding way to defensive about how shitty and awful your food is for America.  Check out the slaughter on their twitter feed @mcdonalds




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Matt Ward is a comedian, comedy show producer and promoter, web designer, graphic designer, musician, father and occasional fisherman.

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