Comedy Festivals Currently Taking Submissions

Comedy Festivals Currently Taking Submissions

Hey everybody, it’s time again for a round-up of comedy festivals currently taking submissions. Please take a moment to share this with whomever you feel would be interested. Enjoy your turkey and other food stuffs if you do this sort of thing, then go submit and support these fine festivals!

Remember, my tip for being accepted to a comedy festival is to have a HIGH QUALITY video of you performing in front of an audience that is laughing at your jokes. Sounds obvious, right?  Well, you would not believe how many open mic sets with no audience people submit.

CFCF2016Cape Fear Comedy Festival (Submit)
Festival Dates: May 11th-14th Wilmington, North Carolina
Deadlines to Submit/costs:  $25 until January 31st.
Notes: My festival, in it’s 7th year.


LaNuitNew Orleans Comedy and Arts Festival (Submit)
Festival Dates: January 20th-24th, New Orleans, Louisiana
Deadline to Submit: November 30th
Cost: $50



SLOFestSan Luis Obispo Comedy Festival (Submit)
Festival Dates: March 3rd-6th, 2016, San Luis Obispo, California
Deadline to Submit/costs:
Nov. 1st – Nov. 30th, 2015 $40
Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st, 2015 $45
Jan. 1st – Jan 5th, 2016 $50 
Notes: Hotel Room Provided


DallasComedyFestivalDallas Comedy Festival (Submit)
Festival Dates: March 23rd-26th Dallas Texas
Deadlines and Fees: December 10th $35

Notes: Held at the new Dallas Comedy House




LaughingSkullLaughing Skull Comedy Festival (Submit)
Festival Dates: June 7th-12th Atlanta, Georgia
Deadlines: December 31, 2015 – $35  February 1, 2016 – $40 March 1, 2016 – $50
Notes: 8th Annual Festival based at Laughing Skull Lounge.




Bridgetown Comedy FestivalBridgetown Comedy Festival (Submit)
Festival Dates: May 11th-15th Portland, Oregon
Deadlines: December 31st $20 January 31st $25
Notes: One week later than last year.



GreenGravelGreen Gravel Comedy Festival (Submit)
Festival Dates: February 27th-28th Iowa City, Iowa
Deadline: January 5th, 2016  Fee $25



Bird FestBird City Comedy Festival (Submit)
Festival Dates: April 8-10th Phoenix, AZ
Deadline: January 15th, Fee $15





LaughFest Grand Rapids (Submit)
Festival Dates: March 2016 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Deadline: December 8th, 2015 Fee: ??





Upcoming Comedy Festival Submission Dates

Memphis Comedy Festival
Memphis Comedy Festival Begin Dec 15th
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