Top Social Media Apps

Top Social Media Apps

What Social Media Apps are YOU using?

Social media use has changed alot about not only the entertainment industry, but about our lives altogether.  Most of the blogs you will read about the top 10 social media networks list them somewhere around this order.

1.) Facebook.  -Yeah, no shit.

2.) Twitter-  Still a big one but are people starting to leave because of all the vitriol?

3.) Instagram- I feel this one is bigger than twitter, honestly.  More people seem engaged and it doesn’t get RT spam like twitter.

4.) Google+- Huh? Why is this one on the list? I see very very little engagement through google+.

5.)  LinkedIn- Another Huh? I polled comedians about this one not long ago on facebook (maybe that is why the response was low) and very few people actively used it.

6.) Pinterest- I feel this one is widely used by females.  It lacks links to other platforms but still is super usesful if you know what you are doing with the app.

7.) SnapChat-  I think this one is bigger than everything up to Google+ on this list.

What do You use the most?  Join the conversation on my twitter feed.


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