Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour Update

Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour Update

The Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour is fast approaching.  As of this writing (Sunday December 27th) we have just 24 days remaining until our first show of the tour.  Look down below to see all of our tour dates.

Grady watching Matt douche-out.

Our Funding Campaign is at 81%!
We are nearing the target donations for our tour funding campaign.  Here is why I believe in crowdfunding. My belief is simple.  MOST people that care about you or enjoy what you do want to support you however they can.  When you are a comedian, buying your online merchandise or paying to see you live whenever you come to town is often the only way people can do this.  That being said, our campaign is being funded by people who BELIEVE in us.  They want to see us succeed. They follow our progress while we are on tour and help us spread the word about events in towns where they have friends and family.

Donate now and push us up over 100%!



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