Comedy Tour Begins January 20th

One of the unique things about doing a comedy tour that you publicize widely is that you have a lot of people aware of the tour, but not totally sure when it is or how long you will be touring. This leads people to already be saying things to me like “How is tour going?” When I am not yet on tour. Also, for the next three months people I don’t touch base with very often will ask me “How is tour going.”

This is the first real tour I have been on since the Dork for Life Comedy Tour I went on in November and December of 2013. That tour took me down into Florida. It was poorly organized compared to the upcoming Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour. This time we have nearly entirely funded the costs of our tour with a Fundly Campaign. Big thanks to the following folks for donating.

Pit Bull Vape Juice, Mitch Dolphin, Brad Criswell, Holly Lynnea, Michael Shibley, Jonathan Craig , James Holdiness , Kevin Hughes, Candy Pants, Ron Thomas, Dugan Broadhurst, Raj Suresh, Phil Farda, Paul Mees , Shane Rhyne , Kenny Compton and Darren Keller for donating to the Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour.

Wed Jan 20th, The Sanctuary, Montgomery, Alabama
We kick off our tour in Montgomery, Alabama.  Originally the cover was going to be $5 but I asked them to nix that and make it “pay what you want” so that we weren’t pricing ourselves out of being seen by the locals. After all, they haven’t done many week day paid shows there before ours.  That show is Wednesday January 20th at The Sanctuary, an old gothic church in Downtown Montgomery.
Thurs Jan 21st, Fishizzles Fish and Skrimps, Auburn, Alabama
Our friend David Dettmering is bringing us to town for War Damn Comedy at Fishizzles Fish & Skrimps. Grady performed here back in 2015 and was very well received, so they are excited to have him back. It’s one of the free shows, so we are excited that it will do pretty well. Not to mention we will have some fresh delicious treats from Sugar Mama’s Bakery in Knoxville to give away at our ‘merch’ table.

Friday Jan 22nd, Epic Comedy Hour at Lowe Mill Arts in Huntsville, Alabama
This is my 4th return trip to Epic Comedy Hour and Grady’s 3rd.  We are excited to do this show again. I have repeatedly called Epic Comedy Hour, Comedy Eutopia in the South.  It’s a crowd of a few hundred people who BYOB to a theatre in a gigantic warehouse building where local artisans peddler their goods/services.  The crowds are smart, respectful and very receptive.

Saturday Jan 23rd, The Handlebar in Pensacola, Florida
I haven’t been back to Pensacola to perform since March 9th, 2012 on the Crackers of Comedy Tour. Grady has yet to perform he, so he is excited to do the show. The Handlebar is a little more of a punk club than most of the venues on our tour. We are performing with some hip-hop acts including; Big Lo, CyborganicsJohnny Panic and DJ Kanye Twitty.  This is about as close to the beach as the tour will get. Expect some video of us doing Yoga on the beach for sure.

Sunday Jan 24th JP’s Bar, LaFayette, Louisiana
This is as close to New Orleans as we will get.  Which is fine. I kinda wanted to go to NOLA, but to be honest, I have yet to perform well there.  New Orleans is a pretty cool city and I am a bit of a douch/dork/foot in the mouth fool at times.  Our friend Jason Leonard helped us do this gig at the venue that will host the amazing Kyle Kinane in February.  This show will be tips only.  Get some baked goods and thrift store finds for your donations!

Monday Jan 25th Rudyard’s, Houston, Texas
This is an open-mic. We decided to take and off date on the tour and do the benchmark open mic in Houston.  I have performed at Rudyard’s before when I opened for Kenny Zimlinghaus back in 2014 (video).  I love the venue, the town and the comics there.  I hope to get more time to talk with Andy Huggins, one of the original Texas Outlaws of Comedy with Bill Hicks.  Also, lots of love for Brian Zeolla and Dusti Rhodes for the stage time.

Tuesday Jan 26th High Bar, Houston, Texas
This is our “official” show while in Houston. We are at High Bar, which is an upstairs bar at Midtown Bar & Grill. I am super excited about being able to stay in Houston for more than just an evening. Bob Morrissey has been nice enough to offer us a place to crash for both nights. Expect some video from this stop on the tour.  Houston is awesome.

Wed Jan 27th Station Sports Bar, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
We have to back track a little bit for two days in Baton Rouge. We love many of the comics there so it is totally worth it. Not to mention the fact that this will likely be the only hotel we get provided for us on the tour.  We are going to SLEEP IN on Thursday January 28th that is for damn sure.  Here is some video of the last time we were at Station on the 2012 Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour (video)

Thursday Jan 28th Atomic Pop Shop, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Another different thing about this comedy tour is that we are doing multiple shows over the course of a few days in a few cities. First Houston then Baton Rouge. This reduces our costs and travel time so we are able to perform better.  Evan Rabalais hooked us up with this gig in a record shop.  From looking at the Atomic Instagram account it is a pretty fucking cool place that normally has music shows.

Friday Jan 29th Bling Tiger Comedy Club, San Antonio, TX
A comedy club? What??? Well, it’s a comedy club inside a bar (Magic Time Machine) in San Antonio. Thanks on this show to Jay Whitecotton and Joey McCormick for setting up this show. I even have a guy I went to high school with who might attend this show. He is a police officer now, I hope he likes weed jokes!

Saturday Jan 30th Mister Tramps, Austin, Texas
Austin is pretty damn cool. In fact, I question whether Grady and I are cool enough for Austin. We will see. This show is FREE and our buddy Nick Edgman (OG in Knoxville Comedy  now living in Texas) will be there showing his support and reliving our comedy glory days.  This is in North Austin, in the less collegey area I believe.

Sunday Jan 31st OFF (Driving between Austin and Memphis)
By this point we will be pretty burned out. The social media posts will be less and the overall energy will be all but depleted.  Day of rest with our Memphis Comedy friends and then off to Huntsville for the last road date on the tour.

Monday Feb 1st, Maggie Meyers Irish Pub, Huntsville, AL
We just can’t get enough of Huntsville. We really want to do full sets here on our tour, hence the 2nd show. This show is FREE and we hope to get some Bernie Sanders supporters out because we are feeling the motherfucking BERN.  Thanks to Matthew Tate for this show.

Tuesday Feb 2nd, Casual Pint Hardin Valley, Knoxville, TN
It is pretty likely that I will be having a fucking beer or three at this show.  Two weeks away from home and stuck in a car with a 300 pound man that loves hummus will be enough for me to try a frosty cold beer that soothes my soul. This show is free and our friends Shane Rhyne and Kristine Kinsey will be joining us.



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