Super Cat Productions

Super Cat Productions

Super Cat Productions was formed in 2008 by Matt Ward.  Ward began producing stand-up comedy shows at that time under the group name Comedy by the Beach.  In the beginning Matt worked nearly exclusively with the other comedians he performed with in Wilmington, North Carolina at the Nutt Street Comedy Open-Mic (at that time held every Tuesday in the Basement at the Soapbox). This group included Nick Shaheen who went on to form Stand Up State Comedy in Greenville, SC.  In 2009 Super Cat Productions produced a show for Doug Stanhope where Doug would record ‘From Across the Street‘.  Ward can be heard introducing Stanhope on this CD. In late 2009 Matt and his wife moved to Knoxville, Tennessee to be closer to family back in the Midwest but also to be more geographically centered for the purpose of producing and performing comedy more frequently.  Currently Super Cat Productions co-produces the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and exclusively produces the Scruffy City Comedy FestivalRocky Top Comedy Contest and Port Citys’ Top Comic.


Scruffy City Comedy Festival

ScruffyCityComedyFestivalLogoThe Scruffy City Comedy Festival was born because of the surge in talent that began in 2010 in the East Tennessee area. Many successful shows including the Comedy Booze Cruise and our weekly open-mics began to draw enough interest to justify putting on an event that showcased not only the talent we have in Knoxville, but also to bring in comics from all over the country.

The Festival looks to provide lots of unique shows for comedy fans and comics alike.  We aim to allow comics to break away from the confines of the traditional stand-up comedy set and employ other skills useful in their future comedy careers.

The entire festival takes place in Downtown Knoxville the weekend of November 12-14th, 2015.  This is the 2nd annual festival, the first happening on November 6th-8th, 2014 at Scruffy City Hall, The Pilot Light, Latitude 35, The Jack Cellar and The Star of Knoxville Riverboat.


Cape Fear Comedy Festival


2015_logowithoutyearThe Cape  Fear Comedy Festival was the brainchild of Matt Ward.  He brought the concept to Timmy Sherrill in mid-2009.  The duo batted around ideas for the better part of six months and eventually settled on a format and a line-up.  In May of 2010 the Cape Fear Comedy Festival was born.  The first year only 21 comics were selected to perform over the four day festival.  Improv and sketch comedy performances were also scheduled.  The turn out was average but the vibe created by the comics that attended encouraged Ward and Sherrill to give it another try.  Each year improvements were made, shows were tightened up and comics suggestions were heeded. For more information about submitting to the Cape Fear Comedy Festival, go here>>